Grand Relief Displays for Tourism and Sports Marketing

glacier terrain map 3d print
Set apart your exhibition stand using an eye catching display from SHAPEwerk. Invite customers to your unique landscape using large 3D terrain maps for every season, each tailored with visitor or event information.

Consider hiking trails, mountain ranges, funicular and chair lifts, climbing routes, ski runs and much more converged in a single physical 3D map.
Select any location and scale in our free landscape creator to get a first impression of your custom relief.

SHAPEwerk's products provide flexible uses in a modular or wall hanging fashion. The 3-dimensional color display helps tourists in visitor centers to clearly understand difficulties like steep or sun exposed sections.
ski resort display relief map 3d print
berglauf marathon trail run map 3d print
Present your mountain bike run tracks and fun park exploration in colorful and tactile style to attract investors.

In addition we can provide fine miniatures of land marks or logos in matching scale.