3D Printed Conceptual Architectural Model

Visually appealing 3D prints for engaging and captivating presentations

Residential and business property architectural model [Architect:Junk + Reich Architekten BDA]

Clear display of building structure

Based on digital CAD data from architects we can produce scale models within a few days. On request we can modify the data and add surroundings based on alternative sources. We best communicate by phone to discuss the design status online using the 3D print preview function. Take a look at the 3D preview of this complex building.

For data exchange we support most data formats.

An architectural model represents an easy-to-navigate overview of spatial relations. You can enhance the model using our projection mapping table ShapeVision, which is an innovative way of adding more information layers. Utilize UltraHD to project your floor plans, flat information, facility management and other BIM layers. The real benefit of the model is that it can be utilized throughout the entire life cycle of the development.

Structural overview - tactile experience

For complex models and functional plug-ins we use various 3D printing processes, which can deliver structures to 1m and tiny details down to 0,1mm. Combined with traditional assembly techniques SHAPEwerk builds spectacular presentation models.


Decision making in councils

Besides public consultation realistic models function as communication basis during stakeholder and administration meetings.

Prepare projection mapping slides including realtime simulation - building shadow, wind, surrounding service access - using our innovative ShapeVision table.

School cluster with public pool

Bidge miniature for public consultation

Civil engineering structures and underground construction

Use scale models to communicate construction phases, challenges and logistics. Stimulate discussion and engage stakeholders to view the structure, change view easily without loosing orientation - in contrast to screen renderings.
Use plugins and removable layers to showcase variations and underground floors.