Exhibition Centerpiece

Create an eye catcher for visitors!

Terrain Model Mining Applications RegioRondell

Lost places exhibition

Reconstructing historic maquettes

Contact us to investigate possibilities for creating miniature models based on historic maps and sketches. For the special exhibition "Lost places due to coal mining" we were able to recreate 7 village maquettes within 3 weeks.

The digital 3D preview was evaluated by witnesses for corrections, before the maquette was manufactured through 3D printing - cost efficiently.

Your idea + single source solution!

Let SHAPEwerk implement 3D models and realize projection setup and multimedia content.

Our combined hardware and software package ShapeVision provides flexibility to showcase multiple themes.

Building miniatures and 3D objects made from full color printing

SHAPEwerk provides cutting edge 3D color printing for 3D objects of any size. For tactile models we recommend the PA12 plastic material, which offers light weight but stability at the same time.

Get in touch to discuss our finish options for additional protection: free consulting !

Building model Bauhaus Denkmal Bernau 1930