3D Master Plan and 3D Building Models

Experience urban structure planning, architecture style and embedding in building stock in a new way, much more vivid and easy-to-understand than 2D plans. Stimulate decision making and communication with stakeholders potentially during all phases of planing, execution and commercialization.

Düsseldorf district model for workshop

Transparency in 3D

City district models provide an easy to navigate and tactile approach to complex developments. Our innovative manufacturing employing 3D printing ensures 0,2mm resolution on rooftop details, facades and city decoration. As such the compact district models of SHAPEwerk deliver close to reality displays, even for LoD3 building data in small scale.

Cost estimate of 1m x 1m in scale 1:1000: 6 days delivery time, starting at 2500€

Cost estimate of 1m x 1m in scale 1:500: 10 days delivery time, starting at 3200€

Multidisciplinary Usage

A realistic district model enriched with vegetation, tunnels, bridges and important landmarks can be used for public consultation, security operational planning and exhibition stands.

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Compare building stock with designs

Explain development plans in real 3D through inserts and projection mapping. Let stakeholders experience changes interactively.
Leverage existing digital data for 3D city models, i.e. terrain model (DTM), surface model (DSM), 3D building data (LoD2-LoD3) and texture (Orthoimagery).

For all supported data formats click here.

Kempten full city model

Need more interaction?

Add unlimited context information onto monochrome 3D printed models using our projection system "ShapeVision".

Imagine dynamic simulations (traffic, wind, shadow, soil data) and animations explain complex interactions in a threedimensional world.

Which ShapeVision setup fits your needs?

Inserts and functional elements as desired

Using additive manufacturing we can design any tile size and any object shape. Consider a useful sectioning based on tiles, which fit together perfectly.
All 3D printed parts are lightweight but robust at the same time. For finishing a coating in white or light gray can be applied.

We got options for adding labels, hatches and borders to the model in the final step.

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