3D Printed Maps for Tourism and Sports Marketing

Provide best impression to attract your visitors - easy to grasp terrain orientation for trip planning

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Mountain relief map for information point

Emotional Connection

Differentiate from the competition by using cutting edge 3D printed terrain maps, eye catchers in any room that offer many advantages to 2D maps. Let your viewers experience the beauty and orientation of the landscape touching a spectacular raised map.

Abstract white or full color?

For special purpose and interior decoration monochrome models, which are cost effective to manufacture, work well. Additional information can be added in post processing if you demand it. Just ask for free consulting:

3D Printing Island 3D Maps

Custom Design based on GEO Data Sources

Enhance your tactile map with land marks, administrative borders, up-to-date satellite imagery and even scientific data.

Send us your data layers or let us know what information is useful to you. We can organize access to data sources of most regions.

Island model of Saipan for airport display

Combine Multiple Themes

Present your region to visitors and clients: center a large terrain model in your tourist office. Add basic navigation, landmarks, seasonal events and activities, sport and health themes - you can change it at any time.

Sync your material design and promotions with the model using our Projection Mapping Solution .