SHAPEwerk RegioRondell

Display regional attractions in hotel lobby or visitor center. Let visitors explore destinations.

  Generate model now 3D Printing

Table sizes XXL=150cm / XL=120cm

Select your area of interest, scale and type of base. Our cost free 3D preview will be helpful for design decision.

Easy configuration of audio guides

Simply place your attraction markers on the relief and record a story in preferred language. You can update the content easily like an answering machine - address your guests in a personalized fashion!

XXL RegioRondell Dolomiti - Val Pusteria - San Candido

Interactive Studying

Help children to explore their region and sights, while memorizing elevation and topology details.

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XL RegioRondell Valle Isarco - Ridnaun, Ratschings

Custom made for museum requirements

Each RegioRondell can be tailored to our needs. Due to high performance materials and clear coat you get a durable eye catcher.

The outstanding terrain resolution is a result of 1m precise elevation data and cutting edge 3D printing at SHAPEwerk.

Present Guided Tour Offers

Help your guests navigate and plan the next day trip.

Contact Marketing Use Cases XXL Map

Innovative Marketing

The circular designed legend allows multiple viewers and flyer folders for referenced attractions nearby. Show visitors which attractions are close by.

XXL RegioRondell Dolomiti - Val Pusteria - San Candido