Full color 3D Building Models

windpark visibility terrain map 3d print
3D visualisation using physical city models provide a tangible connection with viewers. Present your master plan within the urban environment, i.e. using plug-ins to showcase different solutions.
For many areas digital geographic information systems deliver the required data sets like terrain layer (DTM), surface layer (DSM), 3D building geometry (LoD) and surface texture (ORI Imagery). Our supported data formats are listed here.
Please consider the following key points during planning:

• Bounds (rectangular / administrative)
• Print size and placement
• Scale (500 / 1000 / 2000 / 3000)
• LoD geometry quality (availability / LoD3 redesign?)
• Color texture (imagery / land use / light grey).

If you provide your preference we can quickly calculate an initial cost estimate.
Going forward we can discuss tiling strategy and installation type like foundation or wall mounting. Click here for more examples.
windfarm environmental impact terrain map 3d print
windkraft baustelle erdarbeiten geländemodell 3d print
SHAPEwerk is able to combine all data layers to a 3D printable model using exact geo-location placement and data conversion if necessary. This final model you can view and proof read in our 3D print preview (Web browser based). Our largest 3D colour printer produces 50x38cm tiles.
Feel free to contact us for consulting, i.e. to discuss surface quality and finish properties of the printers.
Vegetation, monuments, tunnels and bridges can be added to the scene. Use the display for PR, construction oversite, visibility study and as an eye catcher for exhibitions.
Improve communication and decision making between stake holders and public impression.
windfarm environmental impact terrain map 3d print