Technical 3D Miniatures

energy technical display 3d print
How do we present our machinery and plant engineering at the next trade show? Why not use miniature models!
Using your CAD data SHAPEwerk quickly produces a scaled model, which acts as a focus of discussion to highlight unique selling points, various functions and installation procedures to the client. Additionally you could open up the machinery to visualise how it works internally, it's that easy!
How to get a quick quotation?
Export your product design to STL (outer geometry mesh) and submit it here
We can also offer a comprehensive display solution in CI design including verpex cover and logistics.
energy flow technical model 3d print
led simulation energy flow 3d print
Show case different applications of your equipment, i.e. using plug-ins. Color coding can be used for safety parts or to visualize structural analysis.
Using SHAPEwerk's optimized additive manufacturing we can realize large - but also highly detailed - miniatures, exactly what you need for an eye catcher!
Large master plans can be extended using animated color LED or projector lighting. Overlay up-to-date information and flow simulation.
When do you plan your extendible simulation table? Looking forward to discuss your idea!
water stream energy technical model 3d print