Showcase and Lighting

Present your model with a Wow Factor!

We design the model and show case display together using our 3D preview technology. You can make changes or compare variations before we start manufacturing.
messemodell messemöbel led modell bergmodell st. moritz 3d druck

How to mount your model base?

The model should be framed or mounted on a solid board, which provides space for showing additional information or light mode control. Default options include a plate made from PVC, MDF, wood or acrylic glass. We use direct printing to add professional legend text and labels. Or even provide your corporate identity design and logo on the frame (CI-Kit). Please contact us to discuss your individual model needs!

bergmodell glasvitrine 3d druck

How to protect your model against dust?

In order to secure your model display from dust or touching we can deliver acrylic glass hoods, tailored to the size you see fit. You decide if the hood is left detachable or fixed.

How to light your model?

Shadow is extremely important for professional visualization. For best results we design custom lighting solutions for each show case. Our LED-based lighting is energy efficient and flexible due to 3D printed railings. Use it to simulate sun cycle and shadow lines.
bergmodell glasvitrine 3d druck

How to store your model?

If you plan vertical presentation, we can fit mounting structures underneath the lightweight landscape for secure wall hanging. Bring the model to the conference table but store it in the hallway !

How is the model delivered?

We ship world wide using DHL or FEDEX. The product is protected by a wooden box and should arrive within 2 weeks.