3D Printing Materials

3DP Full Color Printing

Typical part size: 30 - 200 cm
color 3d printing landscape large

  • Material: sandstone composite
    The powder process uses CMYK binder injection to produce parts.
    During post processing the print is cleaned, enforced with superglue and clear coat finished.
  • Wall thickness: 2 mm
  • Layer height: 0,1 mm

FDM Printing

Typical part size: 15 - 60 cm
pla professional affordable large

  • Material: Professional Strength PLA
    Spool of filament is melted through an extrusion head, which is precisely positioned in X/Y.
    A second material can be used for support structures, which can be dissolved during post processing.
  • Wall thickness: 1 mm
  • Layer height: 0,8 mm

DLP Fine Detail Printing

Typical part size: 1 - 15 cm
reims cathedral dlp 3d print 9cm
  • Material: Photopolymer Resin
    The VAT polymerization process cures resin using a DLP projector.
    We take care for optimizing necessary support structure and print orientation.
  • Wall thickness: 0,15 mm
  • Layer height: 0,05 - 0,02 mm

SLS Fusion

Typical part size: 10 - 50 cm
e92-7 sls nylon print druck
  • Material: Nylon / PA12
    The powder process uses a CO2 laser to selectively sinter material.
    During post processing the prints are cleaned and polished, which helps to reduce stepping surface look.
  • Wall thickness: 0,6 mm
  • Layer height: 0,1 mm

MJP Printing

Typical part size: 3 - 20 cm
diesellok führerstand mjp
  • Material: Photopolymer
    Within each deposited layer a photopolymer and support material is dropped on demand.
    Applying UV light during the process cures the material. The support material can be dissolved during post processing.
  • Wall thickness: 0,3 mm
  • Layer height: 0,032 mm